Family Primary Care

Family & Community Medicine

Primary care is the foundation of your family’s health and wellness throughout life, which is why The Piedmont Clinic provides a variety of primary care services for patients of all ages. Our family medicine providers diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries; guide patients in managing long-term medical conditions; conduct wellness visits and preventive screenings; provide robust women’s health services and collaborate with the entire family to establish healthy lifestyle choices. Our providers find joy in taking care of your whole family.


Our providers treat a variety of patients. We are trained to care for patients across the age spectrum, from neonates to geriatrics. Additionally, we are trained to consider how your individual health and illness impacts your family, for whom we also provide care. You can find comfort in building trust with a PCP who cares for multiple generations of your whole family.

Established Familiarity

It is our providers’ goal to understand your family and the factors that impact the health of each member, as well as the whole of the family unit. We create a treatment plan customized to fit your family’s goals, values, and needs. Because we are familiar with your family dynamics, our treatment plans are personalized and tailored to your personal lifestyle, beliefs, schedule, and finances.

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