17 Years
with you & family

For nearly two decades, we have provided quality care to our community. We look forward to many more years serving your family.

National & Local Awards

From “US News and World Report” to “405 Magazine,” We’ve been honored to receive awards on a national and local level.

Patient Visits

We love our patients and the Piedmont Community! We’ve had over 100,000 office visits since we opened!

The Piedmont Clinic Values

Quality Care

The Piedmont Clinic is physician owned and operated, and therefore is completely dedicated to serving the best health interests of our patients, without regard to any corporation’s business model or restrictions. For example, when a patient needs specialty care, we are free to send that patient to the specialists best qualified to meet their needs, instead of the specialists mandated by the financial interests of a corporation. Corporate medicine seeks to standardize patient populations, stripping us of our individual needs and desires for our health in an attempt to make it easier for bureaucrats and administrators to manage. The Piedmont Clinic is beholden to no corporate interests, therefore our only responsibility is to our patients, and to providing them with individualized, compassionate healthcare of the highest quality available.

Patient-Centered Care

At The Piedmont Clinic, we know as healthcare providers that we do not have the power to make medical decisions for our patients. We have no desire to tell our patients what to do. Rather, we see our role as that of a partner to our patients in making these decisions. There are always options when dealing with health problems- there is always a conservative approach, an aggressive approach, and usually other options that fall somewhere between the two extremes. People differ widely in their goals, priorities, and values. We recognize this. Our responsibility is to inform and educate patients on their options, make recommendations based on their wishes coupled with our own training and experience, and work with our patients to implement the plans that they have chosen for their own care.

Disease Prevention

The Piedmont Clinic places strong emphasis on the prevention of disease rather than just waiting for problems to arise and chasing them with medicines. Our method of practice is built around an annual Wellness Visit. Laboratory examinations are usually performed prior to this visit, so the results can be reviewed with the patient face-to-face. During this encounter, we address our patients’ health concerns and discuss their goals, priorities, and values. We examine together the lifestyles and habits of our patients. We review their personal and family histories, discuss any medications or supplements they may be taking, and develop an overall health strategy together with our patients for the year going forward. This is a proactive approach that allows us to see the potential for problems, and address them before they actually happen.

Compassionate and Honest Care

We have been caring for the community of Piedmont for many years, and we have seen many of our adult patients since childhood. They are our friends, family, and neighbors; and we treat them as such. Sometimes, conversations about our health are hard. We do not shy away from these difficult conversations when they are pertinent and necessary for the health of our patients- but we carry this out with compassion. We are human beings, and we know what it’s like to be sitting in the other chair.

Evidence-Based and Up-to-Date Health Care

The Piedmont Clinic practices science-based medical care that is proven effective in large-scale clinical trials and studies with real patients. We continuously seek out education on the latest advances in disease prevention and treatment that are evidence-based, and apply these in our daily practice with the patients that we serve.

Financial Stewardship

The Piedmont Clinic does not engage in the practice of ordering unnecessary tests or procedures. We are well acquainted with the financial reality of the health care system, and we know that our patients do not have unlimited financial resources. As such, it is our duty to act as good stewards of our patients’ health care dollars. Preserving their financial resources is always in the forefront of our medical decision making conversations with our patients.