Epionce – Skin Care

Healthy Skin for Life

Epionce is a physician-strength skincare line created by clinical dermatologist Dr. Carl Thornfeldt. Epionce is rooted in hard science and integrates over 20 years of clinical skin research. Epionce provides the foundation to address your unique skin care needs. From improving the visible appearance of skin aging to problem skin, Epionce has a regimen to solve your specific skin concerns.

Benefits of Epionce

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven spots and discoloration
  • Rough and uneven texture
  • Dry and scaly skin
  • Blemished and problem skin
  • Clarity and radiance

The Barrier – First Approach

Healthy skin is beautiful skin. In 2002, Epionce introduced the first cosmetic skin care product to focus on skin barrier health as a way to attain lifelong healthy, youthful skin.

No matter your age, Epionce formulas help unleash the natural potential of your skin. Their unique approach starts with a blend of key botanical ingredients to resurface healthier-looking skin. This can improve the visible effects of aging by giving you smoother, more radiant skin.

Their gentle and effective formulas are paraben-free, fragrance-free, sulfate-free, and gluten-free. To improve the overall health and appearance of the skin, Epionce uses restorative botanical ingredients that incorporate powerful multifactorial antioxidants along with barrier-boosting cholesterol, ceramide, and free fatty acids in proven concentrations.

As a barrier-first company, Epionce is highly selective towards our ingredients. The latest trending ingredient rarely makes the cut – Epionce only includes what truly works. That’s why, unlike many other products on the market, Epionce does not contain harsh ingredients that irritate the skin or cause unnecessary dryness. Epionce’s well-balanced formulas are rigorously tested and clinically proven. The result is healthier, younger-looking skin.

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