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Hormonal Imbalance in Women

Many women experience a female hormone imbalance and don’t realize it. Female hormone imbalance symptoms can range from subtle to debilitating and are often masked by medications that are prescribed for anxiety, depression, insomnia, weight gain, and more.

For women, having one’s hormones checked regularly will reveal whether their hormones are optimized and help avoid hormonal imbalance in a woman’s endocrine system. The good news is that BioTE® Medical is here at The Piedmont Clinic to help solve female hormone imbalance.

What Causes a Hormone Imbalance in Women?

Hormone imbalance in women can occur as part of the aging process and may reflect genetic predispositions for certain conditions. However, hormone balance is affected by the food we eat, the exercise we get, and the amount of stress we experience.

What are the physical symptoms of hormone imbalance?

Hormones regulate most major bodily processes, so the physical symptoms of hormonal imbalance will depend on which glands and hormones are affected. Physical symptoms associated with the more common causes of hormonal imbalances include unexplained weight gain or weight loss, difficulty sleeping, changes in blood pressure, brittle or weak bones, unexplained and long-term fatigue, changes in appetite, and more. The physical symptoms of hormonal imbalance can affect every aspect of your life, so it’s important to get them taken care of so that you can return to a healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.

What are the mental symptoms of Hormone Imbalance?

The mental symptoms of hormone imbalance are inconvenient and frustrating, regardless of whether they are mild, moderate, or severe. Hormones regulate the processes within your body, including the ones in your brain, and even the slightest abnormality can have serious effects on your mental health. The mental symptoms of hormone imbalance include irritability and anxiety, depression, mood swings, mental fogginess, and more. Your mental health is an important part of your overall wellbeing and ignoring the mental symptoms of hormone imbalance will not solve anything and might even make the problem worse. BioTE Medical at The Piedmont Clinic can help relieve the mental symptoms of hormone imbalance and make you sharper, more focused, and more level-headed.

What are the emotional symptoms of Hormone Imbalance?

One of the most important hormones when it comes to your emotional well-being is estrogen. Estrogen has the ability to increase serotonin and beta-endorphins, which are associated with positive mood states. Decreased levels of estrogen have been associated with panic attacks, depression, anxiety, and mood swings. No one wants to deal with these symptoms, so if you think you are experiencing low estrogen or any other hormone, BioTE Medical’s bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, may be right for you. BHRT at The Piedmont Clinic can help replace the estrogen that is being lost and return it to normal levels, which will relieve your emotional symptoms of hormone imbalance and return you to better health.


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